Dear ACC ... The SEC Doesnt Need Playoff Expansion. You And Your Alliance Do

Expansion may one day come to the College Football Playoff, but it won’t be any time in the near future.

ACC commissioner Jim Phillips made that obvious in a conference call with reporters Friday afternoon, citing his league’s opposition to expanding from a 4-team field.

Phillips said league membership is “very much aligned in its position that now is not the time to expand the College Football Playoff.”

This is a curious position for a league that just missed the Playoff and will almost surely never have multiple teams in the field save for expansion. But Phillips’ explanation for the stance at least makes some sense on the surface level.

ACC wants NCAA to get its house in order

The ACC isn’t out to kill Playoff expansion. Their thought is that college athletics as a whole needs to be sorted out before getting to the specifics of college football alone. Like ground beef to be used for a later meal, CFP expansion is being placed in the freezer.

“To the ACC, we don’t have a College Football Playoff problem,” Phillips told reporters. “We have a college football and collegiate athletics/NCAA problem.

“We don’t feel this is the right time [to expand]. It doesn’t foreclose in the future about having an expanded Playoff.”

The lone piece of concern Playoff expansionists should take from Phillips’ Q-and-A is that the season will be extended too long with the potential for 2 additional rounds of games. Phillips said that feedback from Clemson players was instrumental in the ACC’s official stance.

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